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Laundry Machines


Dear Jerry

I want to thank you for all the work you and the others have done to get our new washers and dryers ... went down and checked them out this a.m. and they are so beautiful!  Please share this thank you with the others.  It is a privilege to live at Hillcrest.

Thank you



Change of Management


As we begin 2015 under new management, the efforts of Leonce and Gene are to be recognized. Leonce has been active on the board since 1999 and for the past 23 years as vice-president. Gene has served since 2003 and as president for the last 3 years.


It is hard not to look at these individuals as anything but the building's management because of the years served.


Although they remain on the board for 2015, we need to give our support to the new members of the board. It will be a challenge to match the time that Leonce and Gene volunteered over the years.


As you see Leonce and Gene wandering around continuing to service our building, take the time to thank them personally.


D. Merk





Thank you Dieter for giving all that credit to Gene & Leonce. I know all the work they accomplished in all these years. Thank you Gene & Leonce



Sent on: 30 March, 2015


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