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As comments, suggestions and concerns arise, I willl share the information accordingly. We all  may have had similar thoughts but had not voiced them.

Topic: Website


Comments - 

Just found this email for you guys. Congratulations on selecting the best color combination for your building.


Although I can exit the property on 50th I now drive down your street whenever I leave or enter the complex just so I could admire your building. It's refreshing to know that there's still more people in this complex making selections that are not colorblind.


The other buildings are horrible. They are so ugly nothing blends and nothing looks inviting except for your building. I wish it would become mandatory that all buildings blend in with yours as far as color combinations go.


Thank you again for giving us who are forced to live in ugly buildings something to admire. Enjoy your beauty as we all do.


Terry Adamo Bkdg 7

Sent on: 22 Aug 2016

Notice to all Residents


Security Cameras


Our building will have security cameras installed over the next few weeks. It has become an unfortunate requirement instigated due to vandalism and break in’s that have occurred recently.


We have started to install all the wiring for the cameras and unfortunately a vandal has already gone out of his way to cut all the wires outside the control room. This is a pre-meditated illegal act that falls under the criminal code. The police have been informed and have recorded the event. If he is caught, he will be fined and charged accordingly. The perpetrator, obviously an immature and ungrateful person, proves the need for such a security requirement to protect our homeowners. Be warned …


Our building is our immediate community. It is a beautiful home for its residence with great people doing their best to keep it that way.


A comment recently received through our website page stated …

“Can't believe this is happening in this very wonderful building, so many nice people, paying their maintenance, hoping to get the peace we want and earned after all our years of working. Now many are retired, and at this time of our lives, people are vandalizing, for what reason. I CAN’T IMAGINE.”


Please be mindful of your surroundings. If you are aware of the individual who perpetrated this crime, please come forward and inform one of our board members, our website comment section at, or the police.



January 15th, 2016

Board of Directors

Hillcrest Building # 15 is Our Home


October 21, 2015


Dear Residents:


Last month, there have been a number of incidents, which have occurred at our complex.  Some of these incidents present a potentially dangerous situation to everyone living here, because the very nature of the infractions impacts the health, as well as the maintenance status of our building.  Specifically speaking, this is in regards to the improper, illegal disposal of paint in the laundry room sink on the third floor; the improper dumping of mattresses at the front of our building; and the required cleanup, which was necessary after someone became nauseous in the stair well.  Please keep in mind that Hillcrest is our home, and we should all take a responsible part in the upkeep and maintenance of our condo.


When you paint your place of residence, paint supplies and disposal of paint should not be done in the laundry room sinks.  First of all, it is considered an illegal dumping of carcinogenic material, which eventually washes down to the underground water supply.  This irresponsible behavior poisons the water supply and poses an environmental threat for everyone, including animals and eventually leads to pollution. Therefore, there are rules, which govern the proper disposal of paint supplies and carcinogenic materials, so that we do not hurt ourselves or the environment. 


Secondly, someone has improperly discarded mattresses down by the dumpster.  Whoever is guilty of doing this, certainly does not have any respect for our home.  Yes, Hillcrest Building 15 is home for many residents, and we would

like to think that we share our complex with other individuals who have a sense of pride.  Discarding the mattresses outside, creates an unsightly view for all, including visitors, and displays a lack of respect for our building.


Our part-time maintenance was also faced with the daunting, task of cleaning behind someone who became nauseous in the stairwell.  First of all, we are all human and there are times when situations occur unexpectedly.  However, if you realize that you are going to become ill in the stair well, or any part of the building for that matter, the right thing to do is eventually report the incident to a board member, so that proper notification may be placed informing others of the accident.  The next thing that you need to do is to clean it up.  If you are too ill to do the cleaning, take the responsibility to ask someone to clean up the mess.  This incident presented a dangerous situation as mentioned previously, because someone could have easily slipped and fallen, not realizing, until it was too late, that there was something on the stairs.  It was also rude to our clean-up crew.  By the time they had receive notification, the odor was rancid and putrid.  Although it is their job to clean, they should not be abused. Please remember that they are human, too.


Hillcrest Building #15 is our home.  We take pride and most importantly care for each other.  Therefore, Please be in compliance with the rules, which govern our home.  They are in place to keep us healthy, safe and happy.


If there is a need to dispose of household items, PLEASE CALL MR. HUTCH AT:  (754) 423-1846 or (954) 536-1791.  ALSO, IF THERE IS A NEED FOR REPAIRS, PLEASE CALL MR. JOE AT (786) 362-0908. 


Both of these gentlemen provide services at reasonable prices.


Sincerely yours,


The Board of Hillcrest CC # 15


Topic: Building Conditions



Pardon our dust ...


Dear Building 15 Residents:

As you are I am sure aware, we have had a lot of maintenance projects going on. We have concrete work, painting, as well as a new cleaning lady named "Tracy". Until the concrete work is finished it will remain a little dusty even though they cleanup everyday when they are done. The building needs some TLC and some updating. Most of the "dirty and dusty" work should be done by August.


Thank you for all being patient and I am certain that our residents will enjoy the outcome.




Louis MIgacz

Building #15 President

22 June, 2015



Comments -

Well here I am again, still complaining because nothing has changed.


  • Julio is gone and our 7 member board hasn't figured out how to maintain the state of housekeeping that we were used to and deserve.

  • The grass is turning brown because the sprinklers are not being turned on.

  • The red Charger parks all night (still there at 1PM Saturday) in space #1.

  • The person in charge of enforcing the rules is all talk and no action.

  • I count 14 cigarette butts in space #2. Bin there all week . Who is supposed to be checking the parking lot?

  • An e-mail sent to the president on May 26 still has not been answered. The board has plans but has not seen fit to tell us what they are.

  • I asked the Pres. at the last meeting to write on paper and post on the bulletin board (after all, that's what it is there for) but 4 days later and NOTHING !!!

  • Why is Peter deciding that the $ from the developers is going to be used for the new washers and dryers? Shouldn't it be put to a vote ? When will we see a treasurers report ?



Thank you!

Gus Tullo

Sent on: 20 June, 2015



Topic: Website


Comments -

Thanks for all the positive feedback. As of this day, we have 28 Condo Units linked to the login of our website. That's nearly 44% of our home owners. I know we can do better.


The login section offers so much more.


Although some homeowners may not have internet access, talk with your neighbors that do, and if they haven't login and signed up on our website, encourage them to so and help them if they need it. The more users, the better becomes.


Dieter Merk

June 23, 2015


Comments -

I want to extend my utmost appreciation to Dieter for generating this website for our building. This will be an important tool for all owners to use as reference for building and other pertinent information. Thanks for the first step in bringing our building into the 21st century.



Jerry Bowen, VP

Sent on: 21 March, 2015



Comments -

Awesome job! Well organized!

Robert Merk

Sent on: 16 March 2015


Comments -

Comments Awesome!!!!! Like to help expand the contractor list/ other contacts.

Peter Stein

Sent on: 15 March 2015




What a cool site!  Nice photo gallery. 

Linda Merk 

Sent on: 15 March 2015



Comments  -

Good morning Dieter, I want to Thank You for setting up the building website. This will be a very important tool for our building and assist in many avenues of everyday and buildings functions. This is a giant step into the 21st century for our building. As information is gathered and posted for those who are somewhat computer savvy the website will be an excellent reference. Your voluntary support is greatly appreciated.


Jerry Bowen

Sent on: 14 March, 2015



Comments -

It looks great easy to understand,

thank you

Gene Sanquini

Sent on: 1 March, 2015


Topic: Water Damage

#5 under rules

Comments -

First, web site is awesome!


I called my insurance company, Florida Peninsula, to confirm that I had insurance that would cover water damage to unit below mine. They said NO insurance policy does that. It is up to each owner to carry their own policy. Does this sound correct to you? The plumbing in these units is old and I have visions of my shower raining on the unit downstairs. It doesn't seem possible that no insurance company would offer this kind of coverage. Any help you can give me would be great.



Bertha (Dee) Jacobsson

Sent on: 18 March, 2015



Currently our rules state - "Florida Law states that each unit owner is responsible for insurance “from the walls in” etc.  Association insurance covers common walls, building, etc.  Owners are responsible for unit “contents” plus you are responsible for damage caused to other units.  If your shower leaks to the apartment below, as the owner, you are responsible for your neighbor’s damage."

Recommend - that the insurance policy clearly covers that scenerio.


Dieter Merk

Topic: Comcast


Comments -


It's time for Bldg #15 to have Comcast replace all the old wiring. Over the past 4 months my internet was down nearly every day or the speed went to a crawl. Repeated calls to Comcast still have not resolved the problems I've encountered.


We should not have to pay for services that are not working as promised.


Dieter Merk

Sent: Match 30th, 2015


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