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Parkview at Hillcrest new homes to be listed at

Developer Update - Pulte

(August 20, 2019)

See below for summary of our last approval in May and the application that is scheduled for City Commission next week. 


Replat Application

  1. Earlier this year in May, we received approval for Plat Resolution 2019-109. 

  2. This resolution replatted 38 lots in order to replace one specific townhome that was not selling with another townhome that was better received by prospective homebuyers. 

  3. In addition, certain areas of the site plan were reconfigured in order to keep an FPL underground line in its existing location. The original plan showed a townhome building where the FPL easement was located and the process to move the line proved to be too time consuming and expensive to relocate. I’ve attached a site plan which highlights the replatted areas. 

  4. Finally this resolution also revised certain conditions of approval for the offsite improvements. 

    1. Originally a roundabout was approved for the intersection of South 52nd Avenue and Washington Street. This condition was revised to require turn lanes in all directions. 

    2. Additional improvements to South 42nd Avenue were also added. 

    3. All of the conditions were revised to be completed by the 516th CO. A traffic study submitted justified this timing. 


Latest Application that you received a notice for – scheduled for Wednesday August 28th.


  1. This application proposes to revise the site plan to match the replatted lots approved with Resolution 2019-109. The site plan will now be consistent with the plat. 

  2. Finally, the site plan will be revised in order to memorialize a land swap transaction between Pulte and the adjacent Charter School. 

    1. The land swap was completed in order to relocate the schools original playground from its original location south of building #16 to a location just west of the school. Pulte gave additional land behind the school to accommodate this playground. 

    2. Additional property was given to the school to either improve circulation or to ‘square off’ the property across the street from the school which is owned by the Tobin’s – the owner of the charter school. 


I’ve attached two graphics which summarize all revisions. 

Let me know if you have additional questions. 

Thank you.


Ken DeLaTorre

Design and Entitlement Consultants, LLC. 

1402 Royal Palm Beach Blvd., Suite 102

Royal Palm Beach, Fl. 33411


Notice of Public Hearing

Plat Resolution

Site Plan - Related Lots & Areas

Parkview at Hillcrest - Castle Group

(October 30th, 2018)

A meeting was held with Minnie Whitehead, Community Manager for the Castle Group to discuss the Hillcrest Community's access to Parkview's amenities and an update on the park behind our building. Comments were reported at the Budget Meeting but are also available as a separate report.

Rules for usage of the Parkview Clubhouse 2.

Shared Amenity Facility - Castle Group

(March 21st, 2018)

FOB’s are being distributed to allow residents of Hillcrest access to the "Shared Amenity Facility" for Buildings 1 to 27. Eventually, from my understanding, this FOB will also allow access to the gated parks when they are completed.


The registration details, requirements and location are listed in the attachment.

Also at


Bldg#15 residents may register between April 2nd to April 6th.

Turtles and Owls


There was a meeting with the Compliance Committee, High-Rise Presidents and President of Low/Mid Rises with the Pulte development team Tuesday night. 


One of the topics of discussion was the turtles and owls currently living on the site of the redevlopment.  Notes from that meeting will be in the September issue of Inside Hillcrest and residents with questions and concerns should email us at this address. 


This is not the time for people to use resolvable issues to get their 15 minutes of fame with hysterical claims and knee-jerk reactions.  Pulte has been diligent about keeping us up to date about what is currently going on and we just received this:


Regarding the Turtles:

  • These turtles that have turned up as a result of our earthwork are not a protected species and do not require any specific relocation.

  • We have notified our environmental consultant team, EW Consultants, and they will be on-site periodically moving forward to identify any of these turtles and relocate them.

  • Our site contractor has also been notified and the operators will be vigilant with identifying potential habitats moving forward.

  • There are claims of turtles being stuck in concrete.  This is untrue.  We have no concrete trucks on site, we are only excavating earth.  It was probably mistaken for wet, sandy dirt.


Regarding the Owls:

  • We have a permit for the bird nest removal (copy attached)

  • FWC is aware of our relocation efforts

  • We have hired EW Consultants to remove the nests.  They are licensed and certified to do this.

  • After the burrows are removed we will monitor the owls to ensure they have not relocated to the construction site.


Thanks for your help in getting the facts out because there is a lot of misinformation floating around right now.  In the meantime I will be reaching out to the commissioner’s office to let them know we are on it.



Andrew Maxey 
Land Project Manager

Pulte Group

South Florida Division

1400 Indian Creek Parkway

Jupiter, Florida 33458 

Plat Resolution 2019-109


Notice of Public Hearing

Plat Resolution

Site Plan - Related Lots & Areas

Proposed New Street Names

(February 27, 2018)


The City of Hollywood has notified our community of the proposed new street names of phase 2 of the Pulte development on the former 18 hole golf course.

Parkview Master Map

Parkview at Hillcrest Models & Floor Plans

Migratory Bird Nest Removal

Development Plans

File No. 15-DJPVZ-44 - Posted Dec 2, 2015


The following are links to pdf files. Some of these files are very large and may take a few minutes to load:


Architectual Plan Set - 26 MB size

Artist Conception - 15 MB size

Elevation Pattern Book

General Application

Letter of Explanantion

Ownership and Encumbrance Report

Hillcrest Drainage Report

Project Narrative

Site Development Plans - 138 MB size

TAC Response Letter

Traffic Impact Report - 11.8 MB size


New Plan Wins

May 12th, 2015

A notice dated May 12, 2015 distributed via mail announced that the majority of the Hillcrest Community voted for the New Plan proposed by the developers Concord Wilshire.   The notice served to “thank those who took time to educate yourself on the differences between the Old Plan and the New Plan.”


The notice states the votes for the New Plan avoids “the shortcomings and burdens that the Old Plan would have imposed on Hillcrest.”   The Developer is meeting  HOA Presidents to deliver the payment proposed ($500,000 of $3,000,000 to each building on a pro rata basis).  The Developer thanks community Leadership Committee for its time and effort to tailor the New Plan to benefit current homeowners.


The Developer has agreed to keep the Information and Voting Center open for  those who have not been in town or have not had time to support the community in voting for the New Plan and learning of all the amenities and benefits to come to Hillcrest.


The Information and Voting Center will be at The Hillcrest Clubhouse (10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Mon – Fri. and 12 p.m. – 5 p.m.  Sat – Sun).  To have someone come to your door to answer your questions call 954-854-3900.


Just because a majority vote has been reached doesn’t mean you don’t have an opportunity to support and join the rest of your neighborhood in creating a better Hillcrest.


Thank you for your support and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Lewis Rissman


General Manager

Hillcrest Golf & Country Club

Development Meetings

January 18th, 2015


Our printer, Jim Williams of Aquarius Press is very ill so the printing was delayed.  Also we have been informed that the building meetings about the development will not take place until after February 11.  The Developers are making a flyer with the schedule and info so since we are delayed we may be able to deliver them with the paper.  If not, they will probably give them to the individual presidents to distribute.  

Just a note - if you are in a building where your president refuses to share the plans and legal documents he/she has received, you are definitely being manipulated.  We heard that in one building not only has NONE of the legal paperwork and revised plans been shared with residents but they actually post the anonymous letters that go around.  Once again I am attaching the Pros and Cons document prepared by the Hillcrest Legal Committee - the 5 presidents with legal/professional backgrounds who have worked with ALL the building presidents (who bothered to attend every meeting) and our own attorney to formulate the documents necessary to protect our legal interests.

Cindy Abraham, Secretary Hillcrest Leadership Council
(954) 964-2559


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